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Nigel B Design offers a one-of-the kind solution for dealing with the audio aspect of projector installations. Everyone knows that the audio built into projectors is not sufficient for conference/training room applications. The alternative solution to this is to run the audio back from the projector (which is unbalanced) to amplifiers and back up to speakers in the ceiling. To do this correctly requires a fair amount of cabling and hardware. The Nigel B Design solution puts the amplifier on the projector mounting pole. This keeps unbalanced audio lines short, speaker cable runs short and the audio is now controlled from the projector with the built-in projector volume and switching facilities.

The Plenum Box allows the installer to now take the advantage of the simplicity of the Nigel B Design concept and put it all in the drop ceiling, hidden from the world. This not only makes the installation much cleaner, but it also reduces the thief potential.

Nigel B Design amplifiers offer outstanding audio specifications, they are not cheap-sounding solutions like the competition. Starin is proud to offer this product line as an efficient way to complete the audio-portion of projector installations with performance that you are not afraid to put your company name behind.

Nigel B Design is based out of Southern California with manufacturing in Salt Lake City, Utah.
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